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Improve Results – Focus on Strategies that Work
A Measure of School Effectiveness

What are More Effective Schools Surveys?
More Effective Schools (MES) Surveys contain sets of questions written specifically for including perceptions of all staff, students and parents in your school’s planning process. What makes MES Surveys such a powerful tool for gathering information is the fact that all questions are based on Effective Schools Research and “best practice” in education. This means, MES Surveys enable you to collect vital information on your school’s culture that correlates with student achievement. Survey questions that correlate with student achievement can improve your chances of getting the results you want!

More Effective Schools Surveys:

Staff Survey; for use with instructional staff.

Support Staff Survey: parallel to staff survey, with fewer items, for use with support staff.

Student Survey; for use with all students grades four and higher. Also available in Spanish (SI#220s).

Parent Survey; for use with all parents. Also available in Spanish (SI#230s).

Enabling Practices Survey; for use with all staff. Designed to address best practice issues related to staff development and school planning. Districts find this survey especially useful when used as part of a district-wide needs assessment on district staff development and planning processes.

Unique Features:

  • Based on Research and “best practice” – Questions correlate with student achievement.
  • Facilitates cross group comparisons – Staff, Student, and Parent Survey questions align with Staff Survey. For example:
    • Staff - Most discipline issues are handled by classroom teachers.
    • Student - Classroom teachers handle most discipline issues.
    • Parent - My child’s classroom teachers handle most discipline issues.
  • Quick to Administer – More Effective Schools Surveys have fewer questions than other validated surveys.
  • Easy to Use – Surveys are printed directly on scan sheets. No need to duplicate questions or buy separate answer sheets!
  • Easy to Interpret - AES Scoring Services presents summary responses by correlate and individual responses to each question both graphically (bar graphs) and numerically.
  • Up-to-date – Surveys incorporate the “Second Generation” of effective schools correlates and the most recent research findings.

*All More Effective Schools Surveys address seven characteristics or correlates of effective schools. They are: High Expectations for Success, Clear School Mission, Instructional Leadership, Frequent Monitoring, Opportunity to Learn, Time on Task, Positive Home School Relations, and Safe and Orderly Environment.


Data-driven, Research-based School Improvement

Multi-year Reporting

  • Responses grouped by Correlate.
  • Survey Question restated with results.
  • Easy to read Graphic Results for each year survey is taken.
  • Summary Information on each group of questions.

The needs assessment process helps schools and district teams to identify priority needs and significant contributing factors and causes

Survey Reports expose Staff, Student and Parent perception of your school’s Climate & Culture using the seven Correlates of Effective Schools:

Once your MES Surveys are completed, we prepare reports for you, by school and by group, showing the degree to which the characteristics of an effective school are reflected in the culture of your school. Survey Reports are excellent tools to help schools measure improvement and plan more effectively for the future.

Price List     Download Price List and Order Form (PDF)


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